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The "Cooperativa Agro Rural de Boticas" cooperative (Portuguese CAPOLIB) was founded in 1952 in the municipality of Boticas, Trás-os-Montes, in the region of Barroso, a region classified as World Agricultural Heritage by FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, based on the genuineness of the territory, the traditional way of working the land, treating the livestock and the communitarianism of its inhabitants. It currently has around 900 members and its mission is to help agricultural producers to increase and improve their production, by centralising purchases and commercialisation of their products.

The new visual identity and communication, cuts radically with an image that has changed little since the year the cooperative was founded (click here to view), reinforces the connection to the land and highlights the two most emblematic products, Carne Barrosã beef and Mel de Barroso honey, both with Protected Designation of Origin and deserving of dozens of awards. With a new language in cooperatives and which aims to communicate innovation, also through difference, in a traditionally conservative area, bringing together new and old, producers and consumers.

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In 2020 CAPOLIB started to make available in the Rural Shop of Mountain Products - the result of a partnership with the Municipality of Boticas, with the objective of valuing endogenous products and helping local producers to sell their production -, new products, for which labels, packaging and new communication were developed, based on the identity line developed in 2016.

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Kid, lamb, Kennebec and Desirée potatoes, and various types of seasonal vegetables, are some of the new products with the seal of CAPOLIB, available at "Loja Rural Produtos de Montanha" (Rural Shop of Mountain Products).

Identity and communication of Cooperativa Agro Rural de Boticas.
CAPOLIB, 2016-2022.