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During the second French invasion of Portugal in 1808, the people of the current county of Boticas, afraid that their belongings would be looted, hid what they could, including the wine, which was buried in the ground of the cellars. Later, when they recovered the goods, they discovered that the wine had acquired unexpected properties. A wine with low alcohol content and fine bubbles result from natural fermentation process. Because it was buried, it received the name «Vinho dos Mortos» (Wine of the Dead).

The new visual identity (see the previous one here), and communication, values the history of a wine that is over two centuries old, testimony to the ingenuity and resilience of the people of Barroso, while also responding to current challenges. Such as sustainability, by using simple cardboard packaging, with one-colour printing, and sealing the bottles with a wax seal, as in the past.

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Redesign of the identity, packaging and communication of Vinho dos Mortos (Wine of the Dead).
Vinho dos Mortos, 2022.